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HM you are playing the same game as Charile and I did, first we made a "pick up"
re-profiled the back, the front wings etc, etc, it was a fitting tribute to the old girl when cutting her up.

I love the front clip over the exist bonnet as other had said E Type or my thoughts were Daytona Cobra now's there an idea LL

Are you taking a slightly different route by cutting off lumps and then seeing if the panels fit over? I am pretty sure the rest of us have cut the body off and then place the new body on top of the floor plan and bulk head left.

WCA I am not sure if the body does need to have a ratchet strap around it (like a spyder) it looked to me and only opinion that from the photos you posted that it brings the back wings in to tight almost touching the the old inner wheel arches where as ours and others don't seem to meet them.

100% in agreement with WCA about the re-use of gauges new ones are not cheap and the black smiths are as period as you like.

HM we cut the body shell because of the changes we mad to cut the body heel to make the doors fit better would be a huge amount of work I think I would adjust the length of the doors.

HM if you go the LL link and our early posts and WCA's (apart from removing the cills') they will give a reference to how much of the old car to leave in place, when we did it we only had the LL photos and the photos we took of the fist car in development at his workshop so it really was working in the dark.
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