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Smile Engine upgrade - 1.8VVC

Hi Guys,

So I've got myself a winter project. Couldn't resist a 1.8VVC engine with ECU, 5AS and loom for 140 !

I'm going to keep the R65 gearbox because the mountings, gearchange and driveshafts work well in this set up. Swap the 1.6 flywheel onto the 1.8 and straight in (with a new clutch as the old ones starting to slip)

30% more power, 20% more as long as the gearbox holds out it should be a nice improvement on the old unit at not much cost.

The wiring loom is the only thing I'm not 100% sure of yet....but I think it should be pretty simple (long time since I wired up the 1.6!)

Any hints and tips gladly received

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