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Default DVLA Question


I have posted this question on the Sammio forum as well to try and reach more people.

I have read the info regarding 're-body' regulations on this forum, which is very helpful. I know about the 8 point rule and the procedure the DVLA requires to retain your reg plates and historic vehicle status.

I have bought a donor and will hopefully start a build soon. My donor was not a complete car though, but only the rolling chassis with engine and without the bulkhead and the plates, so the car was already stripped of the body when I bought it. I have the original chassis/body VIN plate and all the paperwork is correct and present. I also have proof of purchase from the garage I bought the rolling chassis from, ebay screenshots and the receipt.
However, I do not have a photo of the complete vehicle showing reg plates before it was stripped, which seems to be something that the DVLA insists on.
I have also contacted the Previous Registered Keeper and asked if he had any photos but had no luck (he only bought the car to restore his much older car, used the body panels and sold me the rolling chassis, so he owned it only for a couple of weeks).

My question is, am I going to have trouble registering the kit car and keeping the original plates/historic status if I can't provide the photo of the complete vehicle?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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