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Trev_zz - Welcome to the Forum.

Good luck with your Tribute SWB 250 build.

There are some photos and links to build threads here (mainly on Page 2):

Although Photobucket problems and old websites being closed have messed up a few of these.

Good luck, Paul.


Originally Posted by trev_zz View Post
...FAO Paul L – Looking at your avatar I think our ‘virtual’ lives may have crossed a long time ago. Does TriTalk ring a bell?
Small world, yes that's me.

Quite by chance, I've just started extracting other people's photos from TriTalk before they archive the old forum.

So here I am, just about to collapse, at the end of the Vitruvian in 2006.

The sad thing is I am now over 3 stone heavier than I was back then and my fitness has completely collapsed.

That was one of the down sides to the HUGE number of hours I spent building my own car, but I am hoping to get back into shape in 2019.
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