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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Just a thought, but JLR won the case that the vehicle infringed their copyright to the external shape of the C Type.

That suggests to me that the destruction order should only apply to the outer panels, not the chassis, drivetrain, dash, seats, wheels, etc., etc.
I think you are correct, The court documents state

"It is apparent from the investigation that the body of the replica car at issue in the main
proceedings is an infringement of JLR's copyright. The specimens to which the application for corrective action is addressed are shown in Annex A to D. As regards the replica (Annex A) it can be concluded that the body work is the essential form element with regard to the infringement. According to the Court, therefore, it is a sufficiently restrictive measure for the remedy to be confined to the bodywork.
The study also shows that it can be removed from the replica in general."

Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
I haven't read the article in Octane but I assume that with the 250,000Euro price tag these C Types were like for like exact copies.
Correctly shaped and dimensionally accurate aluminium panels were hand made for the replica. The chassis was a bespoke one which looks similar to but not an exact replica of the original C type chassis. The engine is an XK twin carb as per the original.
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