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Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it.

@Lucky@LeMans - running the engine (up to nomral on the temp gauge) with the radiator or expansin cap off, I do not get any bubbles which would be expected it is head gasket? The coolant is a little brown but not partcularly sludgy. Hoses were defintely hard after road test and the radiator was cold so it must have been full of air rather than hot water.

@Grey V8 Pete - the heater circuit is bypassed (heater in connected to heater out). Your 'Gauge will read quite low if there is no coolant in contact with it, which indicates that your cylinder head is empty!' is interesting. Running the engine on the drive for 20 minutes gets the gauge into the high position at which point the electric fan cuts - so under these conditions head is full of water. But on road testing the gauge barely rises and this is when the problems are occuring. Perhpas I will try road testing without the thermostat in place.
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