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Thanks for the feedback, John.

My VIN is also 19, which the tester didn't comment on. I know others have had this with early chassis and the sensible testers have ignored the last two digits as, like you said, they're the year of manufacture.

Tester said that the chassis number has to be central or off side, so I was going to stamp it on the rear engine mount. May put one on the wiper mount too like you suggested as a belt and braces approach.

I have a windscreen so won't be as simple to swap wires, but I should be able to do it.

The wheels I have are 15" Rota Slipstreams. Marlin had some fitted on one of their cars at one point. They're supposed to be the same fitting as the standard Rover wheels, so I'm not sure if a wheel change will help. The Tiger Supercat we SVAed in 2005 (ish) had a similar issue but they were less hot on it then, referring to the treaded part of the tyre.

Steering rack stop removal sounds like a good idea. I take it that you just pop the rubber 'bellows' off to get access? Big or small end? Might well be worth doing post retest.

Thanks again for the advice. Retest is at the end of July (next time I can get off work) so plenty of time to sort everything.

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