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Default Kits & Classics on the 'Crick' High Wycombe

Just spent today at a show called Classics & Kits 'on the Crick' at Naphill near High Wycombe. It might be called this because it is a couple of football pitches which are not dead smooth . . .

Entries of all sorts of cars & Motorcycles are accepted and cover about 75% of the area; plus a music / announcement stage and catering on the other 25%.

Warm and sunny for the most part with about 350 vehicles. Very well organised, friendly, easy going and not crowded. Visitors were notable for being careful and fellow entrants were chatty and pleased to talk about their cars.

We were there from 10.30am to 3.30pm, took a picnic and met up with some friends. A good day out, culminating with a visit to the stage for a Bronze award in the Custom & Kit Car category - hopefully there were more than 3 entrants.

1 Bronze rosette sm.JPG1 Bronze certificate sm.JPG
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