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Default Wheely good idea?

Just looking at wheels to be able to set my body height and whilst the cheap set of 15" TR6 wires that I got would be nice, by the time I have bought the adaptors, had them sandblasted, new tyres, tubes get my drift....

Anyway, in my travels on the forums, it seems that the MGF might be another source (don't worry not alloys!) as the spare wheels seem to be available quite cheaply with largely unused tyres; they look surprisingly like fifties Dunlop steels with lots of holes. Now, if I could source some fake spinners...

Anwyay, to get the point, they have 175/65/14 tyres on them - should this clear the chassis and will I still need to limit the steering lock as Mr T did? Also, they have a warning sticker on them saying max 50mph - I assume that this is because the other wheels on the MGF would be bigger wheels? I'm sure that 50mph will be enough in the Miglia but I might get confident in it one day!

Reading this back I could have said it more concisely...sorry!

Thoughts appreciated...

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