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Default IVA fail: Wheels/Wheelarches

Bodywork failed IVA as wheels (mainly rear) protruded outside of the wheel arches.

I've checked the receipt for the wheels (not actually taken one off to check that the wheel matches the receipt yet) and they are Rota Slipstream 15" 6.5" ET40s. I believe this is the same as a standard Rover alloy wheel, so I don't think a wheel swap wheel work (pun entirely intended).

The tester did say that he has tested a lot of 5Exis - apparently a fair few make it back to the factory for bodywork fitting and SVA/IVAing and this was a problem with early bodies. He believes they widened the mould slightly for later bodies. Anyone measured the width of their's (just as a matter of interest).

If it turns out I have got standard size wheels, and a 'slimmer body' (not unlike my own haha) then it looks like I'll have to fit wider wheel arches. Anyone done this?

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