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The Rover wheels passed two 5exi's with rear clam projections. Load and speed ratings passed for a Rover Turbo (Heavy iron lump) and Honda DOHC 1.6 (light alloy lump). One at 150+ and 130 MPH speed ratings. Tyres are Z speed rated and think 112 going by memory, load rating.

Had two different examiners. My one was great. Let me put rubber trim etc and tried for ages to get it through emmisitiobs before it failed. Passed on second go. Other tester for other 5exi owner, was very strict. But wheels passed at the back.

The testers were quite helpful. If your close to the IVA centre, you could pop along for advise to see if they would pass by throwing them on the back end there.

It all depends on how long you have for the retest. Does the car need a full retest? Or is there a time limit for a retest of just the bits it failed on?

I intend eventually, to get the wider arches. Only because I need wider rubber for rear end grip. But only to hopefully 205/215 rubber.
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