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Default New Wheels for Vikki

I'm looking at getting new wheels for Vikki, after discovering that several of my BBS wheels are more oval than round. :/

I"m looking at all options... Nothing has been discounted yet, but current front runners are these:

Mainly down to the fact that they look like wires and Image can build them to fit the same wheel dimensions as I have now (7J, ET24, PCD 4x100). I'm also looking at these:

They're pricey... But they will fit.

I'd really like wire wheels, but they get ludicrously expensive (According to the MWS website), especially as I'd look to buy new ones to ensure they're round and the spokes where ok.

And I'm none the wiser that they'd fit without messing with the body work, as I'd need adaptors (125 per corner - Orson Engineering), which surely will push the wheels out from the hub... And hence out from under the cycle wing depending on the offset and spacing. It's very confusing. :S

I sent this to Orson (

I'm open to other suggestions...

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