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Default pedal height from floor and throttle height difference ?

Hi all

Trying to find the best position for the Sherpa pedal box in the car I am building and have a problem ?

There seems to be a big height difference between the throttle pedal and the brake and clutch pedal ?

The brake and clutch are 5.25" [ 133mm] off floor

The throttle pedal is 2" [ 50mm ] off the floor.

So the height difference is 3.25" [ 82mm] that looks a lot ?

That means whilst the brake and clutch seem a comfortable height the throttle hits the floor before it has travelled very far and that is without the floor slope I need under the pedals for safety ?

Simples you say look at the cars on the drive ? all 3 are auto's and my friends two cars are auto's also !

regards Paul
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