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Smile Photos as promised

Here we go.... putting in the floorpans.
First I positioned them and drilled a series of pilot holes for the Riv-nuts

Then drilled out the chassis to accommodate the Riv-nuts & pinched them in

Once they were all pinched in I positioned the dropped floorpan and ... sure enough, all the bolt holes lined up. I can now put some mastic down & fix the pans properly. Here they are just in place to make sure they fit.

One of the reasons I've been a bit delayed is because I offered to fix a mate's Mk 2 Land Rover as the exhaust manifold was leaking. I drilled out the studs, tapped for replacements & hey presto ....fixed.
This was my reward

This COULD slow down progress even more ! But there is not an "R" in the month so that will have to stay in the cupboard until September.
This week end I plan to fix the floor pans for good & have a trial fit of the body shell. Wish me luck
Keeeep buildin'
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