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Default Marlin Roadster (Re)Build

I have just acquired a previously built Marlin Roadster which I am planning to re-build/restore.
It has an interesting history in that the guy I purchased it from is the original builder. The car itself is correctly registered although never really finished having never been painted or trimmed. You could call it a blank canvas!
The kit is based on a Morris Marina (yes really!). This particular car used a 1.8 as the donor and so has a BMC B series engine. Not exactly a firecracker and pretty heavy but due to the love of the MGB there are plenty of tuning parts about.
It won't be a quick re-build so don't expect frequent updates!

The car currently looks like this:
blank_canvas by Robin Martin, on Flickr

But I am not planning a standard build. So it may end up looking like this:
11898940 by Robin Martin, on Flickr

Or this:
10377971 by Robin Martin, on Flickr


PS - Must try to understand how the pictures on this forum work.
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