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I took a few pictures of the dirty bits yesterday before covering the car up till I am ready to start stripping it.

20200820_114555 by Robin Martin, on Flickr
Chassis is in good condition other than some surface rust.

20200820_113916 by Robin Martin, on Flickr
Front suspension. Tie bar bushes completely disintegrated!

20200820_113803[1] by Robin Martin, on Flickr
BMC B series engine with a mere 130k miles

20200820_115115[1] by Robin Martin, on Flickr
Rear spring arrangement. Not the prettiest part of the car. I am considering shortening the spring by about 50mm and shortening the chassis accordingly thereby bringing the spring mounts closer to the rear tub. Sounds a bit drastic but I have seen it done on another car with no ill affects on the handling.

On the plus side I was ploughing through the history file that came with it and although it hasn't run for nearly 30 years it had an MOT just before it came off the road. So other than those items affected by time, mechanically it shouldn't be too bad. And I found an invoice for a new gearbox so that's one less thing to overhaul. The engine itself will need a complete rebuild I suspect. At least an unleaded head conversion. Currently thinking about the Peter Burgess EconoTune head which allegedly produces about 20% more power without much further modification.

Cheers, Robin
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