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Finally made some progress albeit on the dismantling. Front wings, bonnets sides, radiator cowl and radiator all removed. No real horrors but the car was built before the availability of cheap stainless fastenings so I have had to dremel at least 50% of the screws.

20201211_153504 by Robin Martin, on Flickr

A couple of surprises:
1. The engine still had water in it - but the original builder that I bought it from assures me it had been stored inside for the last 30 years so unlikley to have frozen up.
2. The offside torsion bar appears to have been making a bid for escape. It wouldn't have been much longer before that side of the suspension collapsed!

And some observations:
1. The bulkhead is beginning to crack arround the pedal box. Apparently a common problem.
2. The rad is quite compact but very chunky. I believe it originated from a Vauxhall Viva so I am suprised how deep it is. I have looked into alternatives but have come to the conclusion that getting it recored is the simpest solution.
3. The chassis itself has plenty of surface rust but nothing that a bit of cleaning up won't remove. I was a bit concerned when removing the rad is it had been fitted with just two primative brackets at the top and the bottom wedged between the chasis rails. but it seems no harm done.

I have also removed a few other odds and ends including the heater which wasn't salvageable. Anyone got a MK3 Spitfire heater going spare?

Cheers, Robin
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