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Hi Nigel,
The ECU "learning" is a posting I put on the Marlin Owners website.
Basically you just turn the ignition key to the ignition only, engine off, and then press the accelerator pedal fully down and up quite quickly.
Depending on the age of manufacture of your particular vehicle it may take 10 presses up and down and sometimes less, a bit of trial and error.
Switch the ignition off and finish your cup of tea (about 2 minutes).
Now start the engine, all this does is give the ECU the values of the throttle position sensor, full throttle and tickover.
The ECU is already programmed to the values of the TPS and all you are doing is refreshing it's memory, it probably gets bored with the hundreds of thousands of times it has been pressed up and down or held in one position for ages.
Another trick is to disconnect both battery leads and then somehow connect the earth lead only to a suitable earth in your garage or metal drain cover ( connect jump leads or long piece of wire to water pipe) after your second cup of tea reconnect battery, reset TPS, and keep your fingers crossed.
If you think I'm a looney that's fine you will not be the first, but I know from experience what works.
You cannot have the fuel pump running continuously when you switch on. The ECU runs the pump for 3-4 seconds and only when you crank the engine does the pump run continuously.
Think of it this way, if one of your injectors was faulty and had stuck open, when you switched on you would have fuel at 45psi or 3bars going straight into the cylinder, it would not take long to fill it up. That will give you something to think about.

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