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Default Christmas Good Wishes thread

I will start with Merry Christmas and good wishes to all.

Special mention for Chris and his styling of my Z300S. I went down to the east European car cash today to get the Barchetta clean and shiny for the holidays. It was quite busy so I was stood watching them wash the cars with a bunch of others. A man with two young children was stood near me and i heard him say to his 6(ish) year old daugther and (5)ish year old son - "Look at that car" while he pointed at mine.

His son replied "Fast car!"
His daugter replied "That is a beautiful car"

I smiled.

His daughter then tugged her dad's sleeve and asked, quite loudly, "Why aren't all the other cars beautiful?"
Dad replied "Ask him" and pointed at me.
I said "I designed that one, someone else did the ugly cars"

I thank Chris massively for actually doing the design based on my shared pictures but the look of amazed adoration from the kid made stealing your glory worth while.

Happy Christmas everyone
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