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Easiest way is bolt on. Jag wheels will go straight on to the BMW hub. The pcd is slightly different 120bmw, 120.7 Jag. I used wobble bolts but not sure if they are really necessary. I also fitted spiggot rings. The first set were 73.9-72.6 which are the exact size. For my second set I couldn't get this size so fitted 74.1-72.6 and this seems fine.
I have a set of MWS bolt ons and also a set of Daytons. The Daytons seem to weigh about half the amount which makes them much easier to mount than the MWS. The centre hub is smaller which also looks better.
If you were buying new in the US I would buy the Dayton knock off wheels. The knock off mount is much slimmer than a normal knock off hub. The normal knock off hub makes the wheels stick out too far. Daytons were fitted on Smash's car, he did fit 16" and had slight clearance issues, I would stick to 15".
Most people fit 70 profile tyres but I found most 70 profile tyres are for small vans so don't have the correct speed rating and also tend to have very square edges. I fitted 215/65x15 tyres. They fill the arches nicely and are much more readily available with higher speed ratings. They are much more common so are much cheaper.

My MWS chrome wires had rust issues so they were blasted and chrome powder coated. This does look very good but it isn't as good as chrome. The MWS have a silicone bead on the inside to seal them, this was left in place when they were blasted and powder coated and it all stayed in place and they are still air tight so don't worry about it going in the oven.
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