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Originally Posted by terryg View Post
Hi all, I need some help with the build I have just started (had the kit and car in the garage for a year and just getting around to starting after moving home) This is my first time building a kit so just a little nervous about what I should and shouldn't do!

I've stripped the front end, attached the fibreglass wing supports, etc. but I have a couple of issues. For the life of me I cannot get the front end to marry up with the two under wing bolts near the drivers door (other side seems fine). There is a bolt on a mount half way between the top and bottom of the inner wing (near the door) should I be using this or just get rid of it?

Second issue, bought the mini head light kits as suggested in the parts guide but the bowls behind the lights are too big and hit the corners of the car frame. Do I cut these parts of the frame out, bash them in with a hammer or cut the backs of the bowls off?

Finally does anyone who has built a 250C have any build tips they could send me to make my life easier!

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Terry

Hi, welcome, I’ve built two mx250 c ‘s a mk1 and a mk2 , so feel free to ask.
Ref the bowls, I cut the back off, it’s only plastic and doesn’t serve much purpose, I little tap with the hammer on the metal frame was also useful.

Where are you based?
My thread (one of them) is “I thought it was finished” the other is “Adams 250c”
Good luck
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