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Originally Posted by hondekop View Post
Hi Guys,

My Deon has got a 2 part roof, The original 246 GTS has a got a single piece roof. Where is the single piece roof stored on the original while driving open

Cheers, Kai
Hi Kai
On the original GTS the roof was stored behind the seats during open air driving.

If you have a look here you will see that the transmission tunnel on the original is a lot smaller than on the Deon or Classic replicas car. The larger replica transmission prevents storage of a one piece roof in the correct place in those replicas.

A friend of mine has a classic replicas Dino which had a single piece roof which he converted to a 2 piece so that he could store the individual pieces behind each seat.


P.S. I've just found a picture showing that the original also has a cut out in the roof which allows the roof to straddle the transmission tunnel when the roof is stored behind the seats.

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