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Removed the engine this weekend. I decided to drop it out underneath as that avoided having to use my hoist. Nothing wrong with using a hoist to remove the engine but it's not a job I like to do single handed. The old B series is a heavy old thing.
Getting the chassis up high enough was a bit tricky. The slightly dodgy looking supports (axle stands on wheels) were actually very stable.
engine_out4 by Robin Martin, on Flickr

And the engine in all its oily glory. I had forgotton how old school british engines tended to leak. The gearbox is actually almost new in that it was replaced just before the car was taken off the road 30 years ago. Hence the green paint.
engine_out1 by Robin Martin, on Flickr

Next job is to clean it all up before it is allowed to go into my fairly clean garage. Not looking forward to that....

Cheers, Robin
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