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The front suspension is now entirely off revealing some fairly horrible construction in places. Odd bolts, holes in the wrong place etc.
without_front by Robin Martin, on Flickr
And aso plenty of evidence of the use of a large hammer when the suspension was removed from the donor, plus the torsion bars are well and truly rusted into the suspension arms at one end and the adjuster at the other. Amazing it ever passed an MOT but then things were rather different 30 years ago! Good job I bought a spare set of front suspension components off Ebay - between the two lots should be able to make one decent set. And the chassis itself hasn't been butchered at all.

Just the rear to dismantle now. The rear axle case is very rusty, particularly arround the spring saddles one of which has a hole rusted right through it. It looks like some serious repairs may be needed. I am also currently trying to get some prices for new rear springs. The plan is to:
A. Have then slightly shorter at the rear to avoid the spring sticking out look that the Marlin suffers from.
B. Have them made flatter than standard to avoid using the 'orrible lowering blocks that the car currently has.
rusty_axle by Robin Martin, on Flickr

And I learnt something today. I was suprised to find that the springs are assymetric in that the axle is positioned further forward than centre of the spring by some 4 inches. Curious as to why that was I did some Googling and it seems it's to reduce axle wind up (tramping) under heavy acceleration. And I always thought leaf springs were simple!

Cheers, Robin
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