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The chassis is pretty now pretty much dismantled and ready to be moved up to the man shed for restoration and a couple of planned modifications. I'm surprised how heavy it is - I guess the box sections must be quite a heavy gauge.
bare_chassis by Robin Martin, on Flickr

The rear axle, although being generally good, has rusted through spring plates and so I will have to do something about those. I think the only solution is to cut them off and fabricate some new ones and have them welded on. The position is fairly critical though. Apparently the diff flange needs to be 3 degrees off vertical otherwise the UJ's in the propshaft suffer.
spring_plate1 by Robin Martin, on Flickr

The rest of the spring mounting hardware seems to be OK other than the U-Bolts which I had to take the Dremel to. Even the rubber pads look servicable, although you can get new ones from SuperPro at a price that's not nice.
The large lump of rusty steel is a lowering block. It's 'orrible and doesn't feature in my rebuild plans!
spring_mounting by Robin Martin, on Flickr
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