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In my drive for a slightly more modern and safe car, and after some searching, I managed to find a rare Marina pedal box with servo and dual master cylinder (wow). Both were options would you believe...

pedal_box by Robin Martin, on Flickr

The servo looks pretty grotty and new ones are non existant. It's possible to get them rebuilt but apparently with this type (crimped construction) they have to saw them in half and then weld the two halves back together! I suspect that may be outside of my budget. But a bit of Googling has revealed that the Landrover Seies 3 servo has the same mounting points and looks very similar, and importantly is freely available. So I may take a punt and buy a new one of those. Can always sell it again on Ebay if it doesn't work out.

I am hoping to be able to rebuild the master cylinder. next job is to strip it to see what the bores are like. Can anyone idenity the model number? It's (obviously) Girling but do the long string of numbers mean anything? Unfortunately the Marina, even with the rare servo and dual master combo, used 4 different models so I can't identify it that way.

master_cylinder by Robin Martin, on Flickr

Cheers, Robin
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