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Originally Posted by Alfie View Post
I don't feel so embarrassed now if you took 11 years! My test and retest and re-retest were done at Exeter. The guys there were very helpful...... professional but friendly, explaining their decisions clearly and recommending how to correct things. The car didn't fail by too much on the first test and, to be honest, the second failure was due to me not sorting trivial things properly and rushing to do it at the last minute, tidying wiring etc. (apart from self centreing which was my major headache). All sorted now though so very happy
Congratulations, and well done for perseverance.
You are certainly not alone - it took me 9 years to get my Cabrio to IVA, and only now, 2 years further on has it been painted.......... And I still have to put it back together again, so it too will have been 11 years to "completion".

How about some photos of your Sportster?
What engine have you installed?

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