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I have a Rose Joint connector and the alignment looked pretty good to me as best as one can tell. Don't know what else i can do, i not sure putting a bigger return spring on will help. I will check next time and see if the pedal is actually depressed or should i say pull down by the servo.

This looks like a faulty servo. Big sigh......... am not impressed with Pirate Jack. I've sent them an email but the chance of them sending me a replacement FoC is probably nil. if i had to fund buying another one then it will have ended up costing over 600 all in just for the servo, let alone all the other costs

The first one they sent was the wrong part and i had to replace it at my own cost. I thinking i going to take the whole thing off and put the old servo back on ( inadequate thought it was ), I've thrown the old servo out, does anybody have their old one i could buy off them.

your very depressed.
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