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Default volvo p1800 into ferrari 275gtb nart spyder: v12, 5spd, tube chassis

Good evening gents from across the pond. I'm far enough along with my project that I wanted to share with y'all.

The Ferrari 275 model, especially the rare 1/10 gtb4 nart spyder, has long been a favorite of mine. After building a handful of bikes and modern import cars I've been itching to build something unique from the ground up. I decided to pursue my dream car, or a close approximation thereof. I wanted to tackle this project with a limited budget and use creativity to save on the work as well. I did not want to start 100% from scratch. I have a lot of posts following this one that will catch you up to speed on the project.
The project began 2 or 3 years ago with reference gathering. After reading about a p1800 being used to create two 250gt lusso replicas for the tower heist film, I soon realised the p1800 coupe could be a suitable donor for a 275 as well. Unlike the tower heist car, which was a non functioning 1:1 model, my p1800 would be a complete driving replica. The donor would be used for the floor, firewall, dash, windshield frame, rear suspension pickup points/wheel wells, inner doors and door glass, and of course the vin # to make getting it on the road a simpler process.

Here are a few photoshop pics that helped me figure out the volvo as a good donor. As you can see the two cars are proportionally very similar, even the windshield frame is close. The challenge that presented itself from early on was that the location of the volvo's greenhouse was pushed a lot further forward than the ferrari since it was a 4 seat 4 cylinder sports car rather than a 12cyl 2 seat gt car like the 275. You will see shortly on how I repositioned the front and rear axles in relation to the greenhouse.

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