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The next step was to find a reasonably priced p1800 that I would not feel terrible about butchering. In October 2014 I came across an 1800 on a specialist site that was located at a metal recycler's yard just 30 minutes away. The price was fair at $1500, and the car turned out to be very solid. Someone had started a restoration on it which had ended at the disassembly phase. The body had been sanded for paint and surface rust had began to develop on the body panels. It was basically a rolling shell with an engine and trans and all the other parts had been stacked on a pallet and sat in the weather for 6 months +. This ruined pretty much all of the interior. This car... I did not feel bad about repurposing. I could also remove and sell what was left to help others complete their restorations of their p1800s and recoup my money on the purchase.

Here's the car as found:

Here it was back at my house finally. A little rust treatment and spray paint would hold it over until I could strip it down. I threw on some mitsubishi starion wheels so I could roll it around too.
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