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This point didn't really happen until about 6 or 8 months ago. Life was in the way and priorities changed, but I was sure excited to get into the tear down. The objective was to remove the engine, trans, interior and trim, lights and and what sheet metal I could to sell on and help recoup some money. I'm glad to say I'm pretty much broken even on the car at this point, and I have basically all that I need for myself.

Here's a few photos documenting the tear down process. First I picked up some new wheels to roll it around on though. bolt on vintage appliance reverse spoke 14x7 wheels. They are in amazing shape and almost NOS. Picked up on craigslist for a few hundred and threw some cheap tires on there for mock up.

I will figure a way to add those chrome spinners later. back to the tear down

front clip, rear quarters, doors removed. This was done carefully and methodically, drilling out hundreds of spot welds to save the panels where I could. The car, floors included, are surprisingly rot free for an 1800.

ahhh now we have a convertible
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