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Default Spring 2021

Originally Posted by HouseMartin View Post
Hopefully, I will also be back on the road in spring.
Well the Axle is back together.
Today was a glorious evening, so without a wash or dust I got the old girl ready for a spin.
The battery required a charge and the clutch fluid needed a top up.
The engine was running rough until I discovered the blanked off vacuum hose had perished so that was replaced.
Anyway that got me out of the garage.

The still incomplete soft top was removed with a couple of bolts and it was off out for a spin.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera so only photos are down the lane.

Surprisingly the washer jets and windscreen wipers still worked as I managed to wet my head in the process of getting a clear view of the road through the front screen.

The roads were quiet and I just enjoyed accelerating out of the corners and playing with the overdrive, listening to the change in engine note of essex V6.
Not far just 20 miles on a circular tour so not too far for home on the first run.
There seems to be a front wheel noise on fast right hand corner so I will check the bearings and suspension bolts later.

Such a big bottomed girl.

I am looking forward to taking her on some big trips next month to see some friends and relatives.
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