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Thanks Ross. To be honest, I have no measurements of the Alfa V6 & box. I just based the drawings on various photos, while using the bore size and oil filter diameter as references. Apart from that, some incomplete CAD drawings from sources you have found yourself already. Sadly, most of the photos are taken from an angle. As such, it is certainly not completely accurate, but a good indicator nevertheless. I have updated the drawing with the additional info I found.
PLUS, apparently the gearbox places the engine in a tilted position. The new drawing represents both:

This gives a better position, although the driveshafts are still at an angle.

The Duratec/Jaguar V6 drawing is pretty reliable (based on Ford drawings). As it is considerable bigger than the Busso V6, it is out of the selection.

I also updated the VR6 drawing to be more accurate:

Still the best position, although the driveshafts make a very small angle.
CG wise, it could be on par with the Busso: it can be placed further forward, but the VR6 is some 40 kg heavier.

Tough decision:
- Brilliant engine sound: both
- Weight: VR6 is substantially heavier
- Liveliness: definitively Busso
- Turbocharging: definitively VR6
- Required space: VR6 is easier

Don't know yet. To complicate matters further, there is also the Nissan VQ35DE: High revving, strong internals (turbo) and light. On the other hand, slightly bigger than the Busso. Available from the likes of Renault Espace, Vel Satis, or Nissan Murano.

Decisions, decisions; sigh.

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