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Have a look at the first few paragraphs of my earlier post. If you Tee off the top hose for a small bore pipe to the expansion tank then it will automatically purge air in the system as that will always float to the top. Air has a habit of coming out of the coolant during heat up so this system will automatically get rid of it and replace it with coolant during cool down.
Did you fit a new thermostat? If that has failed “shut” you could get your current symptoms. As Lucky@LeMans says it could be a head gasket due to the amount of pressure you are getting.
Did you bleed all the air out of the heater circuit? Make sure the heater valve is open (set it at fully hot position if the valve is part of the heater control). I have bleed valves in both heater lines. Available at CBS in diameters to suit popular hoses. Link below.
Gauge will read quite low if there is no coolant in contact with it, which indicates that your cylinder head is empty! Peter.
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