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Originally Posted by micky1mo View Post
…I remember when you collected the body you bravely produced an angle grinder and set about cutting it down so it would fit into the back of your van!!!...
And, slowly, the penny drops…

When I searched for original Alpha builds, this was as close as I got.

And now I realise it is the same build.

Kuba – Well that certainly explains your fearless angle grinding.

My apologies, this reply has been long overdue…

I have a vague plan to be back on the road after Easter if I can get some time off work.

So, I’ll definitely arrange a visit to your neck of the woods when the Covid rules allow it.

Glad you enjoyed my build thread, as I definitely proved anyone can build a car.

Although I might also have shown that it could take a LOT longer than you hoped to do.

It looks like you are making great progress.

It is funny how just painting some red oxide on makes such a difference.

I like what you are doing with the boot area.

Adding some alloy panels inside my own boot area is still on my ‘To Do’ list.

And finally…

Originally Posted by Kuba View Post
Also I'm contemplating taking off spitfire shell from a chassis to see what else needs doing. That was one thing I really didn't want to do but I think will be worth it in a long run.
There are certainly some Pros & Cons with doing this.

- It will definitely help you find any more rust.
- It will make fixing any rust easier.
(As you don’t need to worry about welding near the wiring loom!)

- You have to disconnect / remove quite a lot of stuff to get the body shell off.
- You lose the ability to start the car and move it (assuming you can still do this now).

For me, I ended up with a seized clutch and an unhappy engine.
(Although, in fairness, my car was in pieces for years. )

Having said that, you appear to be getting stuff done quickly.

And, jokes aside, you do have a garage that should make things easier.

Whatever you decide to do, we will be here on the side lines if required.

Good luck, Paul.
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