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Default Distraction

Had a bit of a distraction from the car this week, my son purchased a spare set of wheels for his Rx-7 but one had been buckled and had a severe scrape on the outer edge approx. 18” around it so I said I would see if I could get it repaired for him…

With the help of a little heat and a copper mallet I beat out the buckles and cleaned around the damaged area with a flap wheel on a disc grinder.

Next for my welder to build up the edge to replace the missing metal, 1 long run and 2 other shorter runs done the trick..

Next set up on the mill and machined down to the original front edge to give a datum..


Now down to the scraping back to shape…

Not too bad, just needs dipping and re-powder coating, that’s for my boy to arrange…

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