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Front spoiler continued

Right then, carrying on with the mould for the N/S support of the spoiler I cut out a strong back from MDF to the shape of the glass mould and adjusted the shape for best fit…

Once in position I applied glass mat and resin both side to bond it onto the mould..

Once set I cleaned of any whiskers and applied a layer of gel coat inside the mould

Then I drilled and reamed 2 holes through the strong back for some dowels and a further 3 holes for some fixings the cut through the centre of the strong back to make the mould in 2 halves, this will allow me to remove the finished artilcle from the mould later.

I applied 5 coats of wax to the mould halves..

Then bolted the 2 halves back together and applied another coat of wax..

After leaving for a short while I applied a coating of PVA release agent and allowing it to set….

Once this has had sufficient time to dry I will the start laying up the gel coat and fibre glass into the mould to make my first spoiler support….
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