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Originally Posted by mcramsay View Post
Stock Rev limit is 7600 I think! I'm still getting used to it so I haven't hit the 5500 limit in any gear yet! But yes I do need to get the limit removed!
How are you determining your RPM?
If you have not been up to 5500RPM, how do you know you have hit a limiter?
Have you calculated your speed in a lower gear at high RPM?

It might be worth checking that your Rev counter is showing the correct numbers. My impression of the M3 was that it had only just come on song at 4000rpm, so if you were not going up to 5500rpm you've barely been in the power band. Yet you say you went out and floored it, and hit 80mph in 3rd?

Could it be that your Rev counter is understating your revs?

What size tyres and diff are you running?

My quick maths check suggests standard tyres and diff would require 5900rpm to achieve 80mph in third?
(assuming 3rd gear has a 1.67 ratio, that your diff is the standard 3.23 Evo diff, and your tyres are 245/40/17)

You will certainly know when you have hit the limiter as it feels like it has gone horribly wrong! It just changes from a long push in the back as you get there, to a sudden dying sensation - horrible.
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