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Thank you all.
For some reason I thought the Alfa leaned the other way...? I hope I'm wrong and your right as that could put it back in the reckoning.
The car previously had a Ford 2.5 unit fitted and it still has the engine mounts so when we first got the car our initial idea was the Jag AJ30. I think I read too much on line and somehow put myself off. Didn't seem to have a great reputation which is probably why there are so many cheap Jags out there. There are a couple of problems with fitting the Jag 3.ol. I think they are all autos and 4 wheel drive? I'll have to get round the 4x 4 problem with the VR6 aswell. On that note, and it may be different depending on the car but would locking off the rear drive transfer all 100% to the front transaxle. I think the Audi Haldex lends itself to this as I believe they run almost totally in FWD unless the fronts lose traction?
Volvo T5 ummm….only ever been in one and it was very quick. How laggy are they I didn't take notice at the time. Talking of laggy...the guy with the Volvo also had a DAX Rush with a Cosworth engine in (it's the bright blue one which is still shown on the Soveriegn Cars website). It is without doubt the fastest car I have ever been in but the delay between putting your foot down and it taking off was around 2-3 seconds! Not my cup of tea but impressive all the same. Thanks again for all your thoughts and advice.
One last thing if it's of interest, I just happened to see a Honda Blackbird xx1100 for sale on Ebay as a damaged repairable. Looked like just a damaged fairing. Search under spares or repair page 4.
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