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Post Seatbelt or Harness

Hi all,

I'm just at the point where I need to install some belts into my kit, and I'm stumped on what to do.

Whilst obviously safety is the number 1 priority, I am also looking for ease of fitting. I've never welded anything or know anyone with welding experience, so I don't really want a system where something needs welding.

With fitting inertia roll shoulder belts, I've got the anchor point behind the seat (for the roll) and the anchor point by the centre tunnel (for the socket), but I seem to be missing a third anchor point by the side panel - where do I connect the end of the belt?

Also initially I had hoped to use the donor inertia-roll belts, but upon removal they've got "do not use in another vehicle" plastered all over them, I assume due to the pretensioners - Is there actually a perceived risk with re-using them if I don't connect power to them?

With harnesses, whilst I like the idea, I think they will be harder to fit. I have the harness bar which would take the 2 over the shoulder straps, and I can fit the sub belt through the floor, but its the two side belts that I wouldn't know where to place.

All thoughts and advice appreciated
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