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The sales patter "original ones are worth 3M" and similar really annoy me though - am I alone on this, or do others feel the same? You wouldn't find Seiko selling a watch saying "a Rolex would cost 5K" (or at least I haven;t seen it.
Reminds me of few years back I asked a trader at Stoneleigh what price his kit was. I nearly fell over when he said 85k, but I managed to mutter "no..... I didn't meant a built car, I meant a kit I could build for myself. He re-iterated the KIT price was 85k, stating that a real one would be 2M or whatever daft sum.
It strikes me as a feeble way to sell a product - If he'd said "our chassis is built to a tolerance of +-2mm total, and all the GRP is heatproof resin (or whatever) that, to me would be better justification for pricing level. As a close inspection revealed his welding didn't appear any better (or worse) than many of the other cars on display at a fraction of his price, and material content was similar, I could only draw one conclusion. Nice car though

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