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Default Marlin Cabrio compression strut conversion

We have a pinto powered Marlin cabrio that hops over bumps in the road at the front and front suspension feels very stiff.

It runs AVO V 974 adjustable coilovers and I've calculated the the springs to be 145lb/ft each which seems to be in spec.

However it is running the massive anti roll bar setup from the Sierra and I suspect it is that causing the front end to hop about.

I understand from elsewhere that Sierras had a number of different size ARBs and some people fit the smaller 24mm one from the P100 which might go someway to resolving the issue. I will try and find one of those....

However I've also heard of "compression struts" designed for the Sierra to do away with the roll bar completely for fully independent suspension (since the cabrio is so light, does it need a roll bar?).

If I wanted to fit these to the cabrio, they they just bolt up to the ARB mounting points? Is anything else needed?

Can I just buy these and bolt them on?

I saw on the owners club forum some people had to cut them down by 10mm. Is that all that would be required?

Anyone got experience?

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