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Hi thanks everyone!

Finally got near the cabrio again at the weekend. Turns out it has a 24mm ARB after all (duh).

We had the front AVO coil over units off last time (leaky and seized adjusters) and sent for a refurb. I asked to make them 20% softer and they did.

We fitted them up (on the softest setting, and the coils with 5mm less preload than before) and the car passed the MOT style bounce test.

Hit the road and the car is transformed! Much better - who knows what they were set to previously! We are thinking to leave it at that for a bit and shelve the TCA idea for the time being.

Its running 150lb/ft springs which are softer than I've heard are usually fitted to cabrios.

Probably not the ideal setup - to my engineering mind TCAs would be better as the ARB was for a heavier car, but if we fit TCAs we may end up needing heavier springs. Its a road car so we aren't chasing the ultimate nuances in handling.

We did hit another problem, looks like fuel is not coming through properly (I think its a blockage between tank and pump) so we had to tow it home!

Thanks for the advice on the rear toe, will probably investigate this over winter.

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