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Default Mx 250 GTO headlight covers

Hi, I bought Peepsy’s 250GTO about 5 years ago, now I have retired I’m in the process of upgrading a few things, leather tombstone seats, wood rim steering wheel headlight covers and a spray job Audi Rivera blue.
I was thinking of fitting the headlight covers with threaded rivets glued into the body and fitted with 4mm s/s buton head screws. Just wondering if I should try and seal around the lip of the headlight covers with a seal to stop water ingress or just drill a small hole in the bottom of the headlight pod to drain any water mainly from washing the car I try and not use it in the rain.
Would be grateful of thoughts.
PS if anyone can do a photo shop of my car in Audi Rivera blue I would love to see it before I have it sprayed (just in case)
Thanks regards Andy.
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