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This case is covered in a two-page article in Octane magazine this month. It's interesting reading so I suggest you go buy a copy or subscribe (there, hopefully Octane won't pursue me for breach of copyright for repeating some of what they found).

JLR state that they brought the action due to the accused party allegedly planning to build and sell seven examples priced in excess of a quater of a million Euros each. The accused claimed that he was building a single replica for his own use, but lost the case and is liable for JLR's costs of £450,000 plus any damages that may be awarded. Ouch.

The ruling means that it could also be immediately applied across all EU countries, but that it would not be enforceable in the UK without separate legal action, which would likely be much harder for JLR to win.

JLR did state that they have no plans to pursue owners of pre-existing replicas (there are estimated to be at least 1500 extant), but will prevent businesses using their intellectual property illegally for profit. I guess that means you may be able to sell your C-Type replica privately, but not if you're a car dealer.

As for how this might actually affect me, I'm currently building a 356 Speedster replica and I'm just crossing my fingers that Armitage Shanks don't bring a legal action against me for blatantly copying one of their upturned bathtubs.
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