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Without a huge deal of enthusiasm, I've been scanning the newly listed Kit Cars/Replicas/Projects on Ebay each morning hoping to see something that both blows my skirt up and would fit in the man cave. Something like a month ago a Marina based Marlin Roadster was listed 'Buy It Now' and disappeared on purchase. A week ago it reappeared, the buyer having been somehow unable to arrange collection! I checked its authenticity and MOT history on DVLA's website, had a 'phone chat with the vendor, checked that collection could take place this week, and took the plunge.

When I bought my Mk1 Marlin Roadster a good few years ago there was no access between the houses and my neighbour hadn't built what would become my man cave. My storage solution was to chop a hole in the hedge, put in H section concrete posts with a slide in/out panel and lay what I call my landing strip using paving slabs cut lengthwise.

When I eventually got around to working on it, I dismantled it (it was just a rolling shell without engine or gearbox), carried it to the hardstanding outside my back door, built it there and reversed the procedure. It was my daily driver whilst I built my A352 and I then passed her on

Whilst building my Moss Monaco, I then used the A352 as my daily driver, before passing it on to a new home in The Netherlands.

Thus endeth the history lesson, and apologies to those of you familiar with my previous blogs.

To get the car from Letchworth I first considered using a local, but expensive bloke I've used before. I then thought of asking 'Spitfire Steve' if he fancied the gig, which he accepted at a thoroughly reasonable price, collecting and delivering it yesterday .

She's 1800 B series powered with twin HS4s and a (dismantled) Dolomite 1850 overdrive gearbox. Until I've had a chance to crawl all over her and decide the project's direction, I'll make no predictions...

Regards, Mick

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