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Cool Godiva - sort of.

Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
a more characterful engine than BL's finest is always an option.......and a burgundy paint job.
Many thanks for kind words chaps, much appreciated .

I've only given my new toy a quick once over so far, and first thoughts are that the wiring needs a good sort out, both in the engine bay and behind the somewhat staid dash (which is ripe for replacement) and I'm not enamoured with the colour. As in the above quote, a much darker red, perhaps even darker than on the Monaco, would complement the 'Alfa 6C' looks. Anyway, each morning I've been scanning Ebay for Ital/Marina/MGB/Dolomite gearboxes, as well as for a more interesting engine/box, but without success. However, this morning, serendipitously, a little gem appeared for sale in one of my FB groups at a very attractive price. I PM'd the Bristol based vendor with my 'phone number and struck a deal. It turned out that we'd met at 'Gloucester Goes Retro' in '18 & '19 where we were both exhibiting our cars. Small world!

It's from a 928cc Talbot Sunbeam, and what really appealed to me was its clear Coventry Climax heritage. I've often dreamt of having one powering a car of mine, but my lottery tickets refuse to co-operate . I've never transplanted an engine and box before (unless I count the MG1100 one I dropped in my Minivan 'Traveller', fitting Imp wheels on the front to correct the gearing) so it adds interest to the project. I'm getting the cross member as well so it shouldn't be too difficult - famous last words!

Regards, Mick
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