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A few pictures of the loosely positioned dashboard, it needs to be leather covered. Hopefully you can see that the cowls over the speedo and rev conter are more vertical than over versions. I always felt they looked as if they were sitting "too flat"
The dash is partly held in position by the front of the heater cover panel. This extends to the floor on both sides and up to the front bulkhead which makes it all very stable. It also allows you to fit the existing heater controls. The existing rotary controls are a tad short so I 3d printed some which worked but the finish wasn't great so I am working on some alloy ones.
I have had made an alloy plinth to take the smaller instruments, apart from looking good the advantage is that you can fit the instruments to the plinth first and then install the plinth into the dash assembly in one go, much easier.
Trimming the inside of the alloy plinth with leather proved to be an absolute pain so I had an insert 3d printed, this way you stick the leather to the insert and then trim it, much easier and then the insert is held in by the instruments. I had to make the insert in 2 halves due to the size of my printer.
I haven't gone into details about removing the dash as I did it ages ago and have forgotten most of it, I have however just been reminded that there are 2 hidden allen screws that are hard to spot and a pain to remove.

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