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Small amount of progress but a few teething problems that were to be expected.
The instruments when viewed at night were too dim and the speedo and rev counter were fine at the top but too dark at the bottom do they went back to Grassbank for some work. They came back with additional bulbs fitted that has made a big difference.
I had fitted the instruments in the car and also in the dash but on the table. Sandy on the Z3roadster forum (he still cannot post on this forum) has reported problems in fitting the original Z3 cluster behind the new dashboard. I couldn't see a problem so decided to show him how it is done (smug grin). However, in trying to fit it all it turns out he was right (smug grin wiped off). The only way to get the Z3 cluster to fit behind the crash bar and under the new dash is to cut the drivers side demist tube, not ideal but I can nake it back in grp matt but 2" shallower. With this done the Z3 dash will lay flat but only gives a few mm of wiggle room. Grassbank has used the Lusso style dash, this sits higher than the Tribute (which Sandy is using) or a modified DNA dash that I am using.
I then cut up a second BMW dash and fitted it without the new dash bonded on to see if I could gain any more room, it is hard to see with the new dash on. The positioning of the Z3 dash is determined by the dash vent tubes, the dash rests on these and they can't be moved or the air will escape inside the dash rendering the demist useless. There is no spare room so cutting the drivers vent tube down to make it thinner us the only answer.

In trying to fit the Z3 cluster, new instruments and new dashboard to the car itself I hit another snag, the new wiring loom just wasn't long enough. When I fitted the instruments and loom to the dash on the table it looked fine. However, because the original Z3 dash can only be fitted in one position the loom is just too short, move it a bit and it is too short in another area. Modifications needed have been marked and returned for a few alterations. After this has been done I am pretty confident that it will fit both the Tribute and DNA dashboards, there will probably be a bit to much loom but better to tuck it away behind the dash than be too short.
The ideal position for the Z3 cluster would be behind the glove box, however the 3 plugs that go into it won't reach so all the wires would have to be lengthened, about 50 wires, this would defeat the object of plug n play so is not an option.
Probably the easiest option will be to fit the Lusso style dash but no pricing on it yet. The panel on this dash has a lift off section just above the speedo and rev counter and is raised. This gives more room for the Z3 cluster, better access for the wiring and makes trimming the top section a job you can do yourself without having to pay to have it trimmed.

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