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Brian at DNA is working on a replica Daytona 365 on a Z4 but due to his work load with the 2fifty it won't be until the early part of next year (at the earliest), I'm on the list!

The 250 is (fingers crossed) almost finished and I have really enjoyed the build so need something to keep me occupied for the next year.
There was a post on here somewhere or it could have been the DNAOC site, someone was asking if the BMW E46 had bolt on rear end, (it doesn't) but it got me thinking again.

How about a 4 seater Daytona "Tribute"?

I'm not thinking replica, more "in the style of". A 4 seater would be very practical and would possibly easier to get approval from the war office if you have kids. The E46 is getting quite cheap now and there are millions available, anything from a poverty 1.8 up to the M3, something for everyone. Wheelbase is bound to be out but to my eye the proportions look as if they will work and the windscreen rake looks ok too. Main difference to my eye is the distance from the back of the door to the rear wheel arch, but as it's a 4 seater I think it could still work.
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